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For less than the price of a football you can have 30+ items at your fingertips.

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Play, relax and enjoy your time with friends & family outdoors.


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Our Mission

BallBox is revolutionizing the way that people access their favorite sport, tech and leisure products by creating a nationwide network of kiosks that enable convenient, affordable, on demand access to anything you could think of.

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BallBox enables people at parks, beaches, hotels and apartment complexes to access the things they love, where they want to use them for how long they want to use them.


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Select any product you like and use it for as long as you want.

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Purchase a day pass to have 8 hours of access to any item in the kiosk. Exchange your item as many times as you would like.


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Sign up for an annual membership to receive 3 hours of free rental for any product 365 days a year. Enjoy a 20% discount on all additional rentals.


Join a variety of events such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer tournaments. Sign up and join in on the fun!


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Why Work With BallBox?

We're transforming the way people experience the world!


BallBox are the pioneers of the first recreational rental kiosks and making it easier and more affordable to access everyone’s favorite items.


Ballbox can change the design of the kiosk to meet the surroundings of your property. Ballbox also different sizes of 30, 15, and 5 locker units.


BallBox users can store their personal belongings in the kiosk and charge their electronic devices.

Enhance Your Property

learn more about adding a BallBox kiosk to your property or using BallBox to rent out your items hit learn more.

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BallBox hosts a variety of events such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer tournaments. So sign up and join in on the fun!

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Gain inside access to what items are currently in the kiosk and reserve them ahead of time.


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Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind our company. Our team & consultants support the most up-to-date, sustainable solutions to the technology. They work so hard to provide the best to Ballbox customers.


Alex Hejazi

Founder & CEO

Mostafa Makmouk

Co-Founder & COO

Josh Carn-Saferstien

Social Media Director

Paul Jaques


Steve Valerie


Guillaume Hennion

Technical Advisor

Organizations We Work With

BallBox enables onsite, on demand access to a wide variety of sport, tech and leisure products so people no longer have to waste money on purchasing these items, and bringing them from home to their place of leisure.

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